Canadian Anti-Racism & Healthcare/Education Resources

Time to dismantle systemic anti-Black racism in medicine in Canada

Black Experiences in Healthcare

Red Women Rising: Indigenous Women Survivors in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

Section on Health and Wellness pages 140-153

Uprooting Medical Violence: Building an Integrated Anti-Oppression Framework for Primary Health Care.” 

The Pervasive Reality of Anti-Black Racism in Canada

Nan DasGupta, Vinay Shandal, Daniel Shadd, Andrew Segal, and in conjunction with CivicAction

Underrepresented & Underpaid Diversity & Equity Among Canada’s Post-Secondary EducationTeachers

Fighting for A Hand to Hold: Confronting Medical Colonialism against Indigenous Children in Canada (book)

Dismantling Anti-Black Racism in Schooling, Education, and Beyond
Resource Guide

From the Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies

Anti-Blackness in Canada (non-healthcare related reports & research)

United Nations Report of the Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent on its mission to Canada

Statement: Canadian Human Rights Commission statement on anti-Black racism

Policing Black Lives: State Violence in Canada from Slavery to the Present. Robyn Maynard (book)

Demographic Challenges Facing the Black Community of Montreal in the 21st Century. Montreal Black Communities Demographic Project. Montreal Consortium on Human Rights Advocacy Training. McGill School of Social Work. 2010.

Videos on Black Canadian History & Anti-Blackness in Canada

Journey to Justice, Roger McTair

CBC News: Being Black in Canada (2015)

CBC News: Black history in Canada: a live, interactive roundtable

CBC News: Deeply Rooted: A black family's history as 7th-generation Canadians 

Global News: The history of Canadian slavery goes back 400 years, except we’re blind to it

Global News: Historian highlights Canada’s history of anti-Black racism in wake of Ontario premier’s comments

American EDI Medical Education Literature

From Portraits to Role Models — Why We Need Black Physicians in Academic Medicine

Addressing the Minority Tax: Perspectives From Two Diversity Leaders on Building Minority Faculty Success in Academic Medicine

Addressing Microaggressions in the Health Care Workforce—A Path Toward Achieving Equity and Inclusion

Rhonda G. Acholonu, MD; Suzette O. Oyeku, MD, MPH

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